Pathology is an exciting discipline because it transcends the traditional boundaries between basic and clinical sciences and is poised to understand human diseases' pathogenesis at the molecular level. In simple terms, it’s the study of disease, primarily concerning the cause, origin, and nature of the disease. It’s a bridge between science and medicine.

The department of Pathology is engaged in diagnostic work that caters primarily to MNR-MCH. It offers comprehensive services in Histopathology, Cytology, Clinical pathology, and Hematology.

A highly enthusiastic, experienced pathologist heads the department. It comprises both young and experienced faculty actively involved in diagnostic work, research, curriculum development, undergraduate, postgraduate, and allied health students teaching.

Faculty Details

Sl. No. Name Qualification Designation Experience
1 Dr. Gangadhar Swamy MD Prof & HOD 13 Years
2 Dr. S. Dhanraj Reddy DCP, DNB Professor 15 Years
3 Dr. Mahesh Kumar MD Professor 8 Years
4 Dr. Madhavi R MD Asst. Prof 7 Years
5 Dr. A. Meghana MD Asst. Prof 6 Years
6 Dr. Shilpa Madhuri MD Asst. Prof 6 Years
7 Dr. K. Shailaja MD Asst.Prof 5 Years

Major Equipment

Sl. No. Name of the Items Available
(A) General
1 Desktop computers with high speed internet, laser black & whit heavy duty laser printers, color inkjet printers, scanners, photocopy (xerox) machines, telephone with STD facility, fax machine etc. Every faculty & resident must have separate desktop/laptop with high speed internet facility. Office table small and big; office chairs; museum almirahs; study table, staff room, and library almirahs, stock almirahs, store room racks, lockers with coat hangers and drawers as required. Laboratory benches with cupboards and rack for reagent bottles, water, gas and electric points, operation tables etc. as necessary. Available
(B) Morbid histology and morbid anatomy
2 Specimen identification solutions 1
3 Weighing machine for cadavers (300 Kg.) 1
4 Manual rotary microtome 2
5 Automated rotary microtome 1
6 Cryostat 0
7 Hot plate 2
8 Paraffin embedding bath 2
9 Heated paraffin embedding module 2
10 Cold plate for modular tissue embedding system 0
11 Automated tissue processor – histokinette 2
12 Autoclave 0
13 Ultrapure water solutions - distilled water plant 2
14 Water bath 2
15 Centrifuge machine 2
16 Cabinet for slides Adequate
17 Autopsy tables Common with forensic Dept.
18 Digital SLR at least 20 megapixel with micro, macro, wide angle zoom lenses, flash and other accessories 0
19 Digital Automatic camera > 5 megapixel 2
20 Fully Automated high throughput multi-Stainer workstation 2
21 Fully automated embedding system (Heated embedding module & cold plate) 1
22 Standalone paraffin dispensing module cold plate holding more than 100 cassettes 0
23 Stand alone cold plate 0
24 Troughs for staining Adequate
25 Coplin jars As required
26 Water bath (tissue floatation) Adequate
27 Single pan digital balance, chemical 2
28 Balance, chemical with weights 2
29 For students – LED binocular with Scanner, 10X, 40X, & Oil immersion lenses and inbuilt battery backup power source 60
30 For every professor, associate & assistant professor : Binocular microscopes with High end semiapochromatic optics of international standard. As required
31 Automatic high speed slide scanner for converting slides in digital format with software and database management with backup for Data storage 1
(C) Hematology Lab:
32 Five part fully automated cell counter 0
33 Three part fully automated cell counter 1
34 Coagulometer (fully automated) 0
35 Laboratory stirrer Adequate
36 Saws, wire for cutting bones Adequate
37 Slide boxes for 100 slides for students 200
38 X-ray viewing box (LED) 2
39 Sternal puncture needle adult size Adequate
40 Sternal puncture needle child size Adequate
41 Museum jars. Less than 10 available
42 Surgical instruments. 5 Sets
43 Glassware, stains, chemicals reagents etc. for histological work. Adequate
(D) Clinical laboratory
44 Five-part Hematology Analyzer 1
45 Three-part Hematology Analyzer 1
46 Binocular Microscopes with high end optics including 100X & LED fluorescence for each faculty/ resident working in lab plus 2 microscopes for technicians. Adequate
47 Sp. Gravity Measure 2
48 Incubator 2
49 Haemacytometers with red and white pipettes 90
50 Syringes disposable Adequate
51 Urinometers(Mercury based instruments to be replaced with other alternatives) Adequate
52 Centrifuge tubes graduated. Adequate
53 Graduated cylinders for various capacities ranging from 100 cc to1000 cc. Adequate
54 Pipettes of various sizes with disposal tips. Adequate
55 Reagent bottles Adequate
56 Dropping bottles Adequate
57 Reagents Adequate
(E) Specimens
58 Mounted Specimens 250
59 Wet Specimens 150