General Surgery is a specialty that focuses on surgeries on abdominal contents including esophagus, stomach, small and large intestines, liver, appendix, gallbladder, bile ducks, thyroid gland.

The Department of General Surgery at MNR Medical College and Hospital is one of the critical departments among clinical specialties. Our surgeons, faculty, and staff pursue excellence and leadership in patient care and service round-the-clock.

MNR Medical College mission is to provide the highest quality patient care, conduct innovative medical research, and provide the best training to our surgeons and physicians. The department conducts academic programs for faculty members on a regular basis. The faculty and the department members aim to provide improved and quality teaching to the students instill a strong professional commitment, update their innate skills, and interact with national and international academic institutions.

The Department of General Surgery provides round-the-clock emergency services and OPD services, conducting minor procedures, emergency and major surgeries, including managing trauma. A fully functional burn unit and Surgical ICU have become the leading service provider in surgery in the Sangareddy region.

M. S. General Surgery has 12 recognized seats per year. The residents get the best of surgical exposure, research work with regular seminars, and teaching classes in coordination with other departments like Radiotherapy and Oncology.

Frequent guest lectures and workshops provide the students to update themselves with recent advances in the field of surgery.

Faculty Details

Sl. No. Name Qualification Designation Experience
1 Dr. Rudra Prasad Reddy MS Prof&HOD 14Yrs
2 Dr. N. Amarendra Prasad MS Professor 10 yrs
3 Dr. P. Sreenivas MS Professor 14Yrs,9Months
4 Dr. K. Raja Shekar Reddy MS Professor 19 yrs
5 Dr. B. Srinivas MS Professor 13 yrs
6 Dr. Sharanabasappa r Harwal MS Professor 32 yrs
7 Dr. Ilaiah MS Professor
8 Dr. B. Laxman MS Professor
9 Dr. B. Shailendra MS Asst. Prof 5 yrs
10 Dr. K. Rajeshwar MS Asst. Prof 5 yrs
11 Dr. Bal Singh MS Asst. Prof 4 yrs
12 Dr. Srinivas Karthik MS Asst. Prof 6yrs
13 Dr. Gopi Tupkar MS Asst. Prof 5yrs
14 Dr. Rita Singh MS Asst. Prof 10 yrs
15 Dr. G. Sashi Kalyan MS Asst. Prof 6 yrs