OB & GYN are medical specialties that focus on two different aspects of the female reproductive system. Obstetrics involves care during pre-conception, pregnancy, childbirth, and immediately after delivery and Gynecology involves care and treatment of all women’s health issues.

The Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology at MNR Medical College and Hospital is a multi-specialty department providing high-quality patient care and handling updated undergraduate and postgraduate academic curriculum and advanced level of research.

MNR Medical College and Hospital strive to nurture an academic and patient care environment conducive to acquiring and imparting high-quality education, conducting innovative scientific research, and providing promotive, preventive, and curative community services in an empathetic and ethical manner.

The department provides complete obstetrical care, comprehensive family welfare, infertility management, prenatal diagnosis, cancer treatment, endoscopic surgery, menopause management, pelvic floor medicine, and reconstructive surgery.

Salient Features:

  • We have well-equipped OP & IP departments with adequate patient resources and modular OT Complexes.
  • Our team has specialized knowledge & experience in managing high-risk pregnancies with complications like gestational diabetes, pre-eclampsia, post-cesarean pregnancies, etc.
  • Our department trains undergraduate students efficiently for providing primary care and treatment of antenatal and gynecology patients.
  • We organize regular camps and various outreach activities.
  • MBBS students from 3rd to 9th semester are posted on clinical classes
  • PG Training Institute with a yearly intake of 6 students

Faculty Details

Sl. No. Name Qualification Designation Experience
1 Dr. N. Bhavani MS Professor 15yrs
2 Dr. P. Madhavi MS Professor 20 yrs
3 Dr. A. Sridevi MS Professor 15 yrs
4 Dr. Y. Vaijanatharao Chidre MS Professor 16yrs
5 Dr. V.S. Prasanna Kumar Reddy MS Professor 11 yrs
6 Dr. Sophan Malhari T MS Asst.Prof 7 yrs
7 Dr. G. Sumathi MS Asst.Prof 10 yrs
8 Dr. K. Shri Devi MS Asst.Prof 14 yrs
9 Dr. S.T. Nirmala MS Assoc.Prof 9 yrs
10 Dr. G. Jyothi MS Asst.Prof 6 yrs
11 Dr. G. Swetha DNB Sr. Resident
12 Dr. Shazia Sulthana Md DNB Sr. Resident

Major Equipment

Sl. No. Name of the Equipment No of Units
1 Cusco’s self-retaining bivalve vaginal speculum 1
2 Sim’s double-bladed vaginal speculum 1
3 Alli’s tissue forceps 1
4 Artery forceps –straight 1
5 Artery forceps – curved 1
6 Multiple toothed vulsellum 1
7 Pinard’s fetal stethoscope 1
8 Sponge holding forceps 1
9 Kocher’s artery forceps 1
10 Doyen retractor 1
11 Londons bladder retractor 1
12 Foley’s catheter 1
13 Wrigley’s forceps 1
14 Dissecting forceps 1
15 UPT kit 1
16 Contraceptives 1


Sl. No. Name of the Equipment No of Units
1 Female pelvis 1
2 Median section of the female pelvis 1
3 Uterine section showing fertilization 1
4 Normal uterus showing embryo in 1st month of gestation 1
5 Uterus with 2nd and 3rd-month gestation 1
6 Uterus with 4th-month gestation 1
7 Uterus with 5th-month gestation 1
8 Uterus with 6th-month gestation 1
9 Uterus with 7th-month gestation 1
10 Uterus with 8th-month gestation 1
11 Uterus with 9th-month gestation 1
12 9th month pregnancy –full-term baby. 1
13 Ectopic pregnancy 1
14 Ovarian cysts. 1