It/wifi Facilities

World-Class, Wifi-Enabled Facility for Better Access to Immense Resources Online!

Our MNR campuses are Wi-Fi-enabled and equipped with high spend internet connection to ensure students have uninterrupted access to invaluable resources online!

The world of internet has opened up millions of doors which were otherwise inaccessible or unavailable for many!

In order to make the most of immense and up-to-date resources available in the cloud storage, the campus is enabled with high-speed internet, accessible from anywhere inside the campus. The accessibility range is not just limited to the classrooms, but to all facilities within the campus premises.

We encourage our students and faculty members to use the high-powered internet by registering their ‘i-connect devices’ to the provided network. The network connectivity is free for all students and staff members of MNR Group of Institutions!

Updation of IT Wifi facilities